Botware has many usefull Features, such as Moderation, Economy, Funny and alot more of commands!
We are updating the Bot very often and we always add someting new!
Currently we are working on Music and Levels. Support us by using our bot!

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Our Features
We constantly add new, original and sexy features

Is someone breaking the rules? Ban, Kick or Mute them using Botware. Just type the command, reason and you are done!

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Become a Pilot and make Daily money, you can then Gamble with other users, and if you get tiredm you can just Retire!

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View others Avatars, make them Mad or just see some cute cutty, or fox. Don't worry, we got Dogs too! And also, we got Memes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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